Quarantine Economy Part 2

We have just released Part 2 of our Quarantine Economics series on our YouTube channel.

We can’t wait to share with you how things have been going. So far, the house is clean and everyone is keeping busy. The kids have been learning so much like

-A friend of mine from California, and homeschooling mom of SEVEN has put this system into play at her home and she is LOVING it!    They didn’t have play money so they made their own. Check it out.

Mom said that designing money kept the kids busy!

Our house has never been cleaner and the kids are staying busy. They are learning so many useful skills while not feeling “homeschooled” which is great because life has a wonderful flow right now that is so necessary in this uncertain time as more people are looking at the public school year being officially over.

What they have learned so far

-They are working with numbers all day long,

-They are budgeting and saving their money,

-Planning for the future,

-They are learning about citizenship and government and how the economy works and

-The value of hard work.

-They are learning sharing and strategy and teamwork and responsibility. 

Not bad for a day stuck at home!

So come check us out on YouTube The Quarantine Economy Part 1

The Quarantine Economy Part 2

As always, THANK YOU! for visiting The Common Place!

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